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MMORPG EVE Online targets Battlestar Galactica fandom

EVE Online has made first contact with a whole new group of sci-fi fans, through some carefully chosen TV advertising. EVE's first TV ads were shown during the most recent Battlestar Galactica episode on the SciFi network. If CCP Games wanted to target the viewers who would be the most receptive to checking out EVE, they didn't go wrong by choosing Galactica fans. The TV ads were an unexpected move, and came as a big surprise to many EVE players. Ethic at Kill Ten Rats said: "My jaw hit the floor while watching the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica on SciFi tonight. There, before my eyes, was a commercial for EVE Online. Amazing. Nice work CCP!"
High visibility TV adverts for an MMO had previously been something only associated with Night Elf mohawks, Shatner, and a company with some rather deep pockets. EVE Online dev CCP Wrangler made a full announcement about the company's leap into prime time advertising.
"For the first time ever, EVE Online can be seen on TV! A revised version of the Empyrean Age teaser trailer will be run during the last few episodes of Battlestar Galactica starting tonight! It will run six times total, four times during "prime time" shows and twice during "late night" shows (after 2300 local time). Check local listings for availability and times."
This is a great move on CCP's part, but no doubt an expensive one. However the steady progression made by CCP Games, seen over the relatively short time since this Massively writer joined the ranks of New Eden's capsuleers, is impressive: A merger with White Wolf Publishing and a second gothic horror MMO in the works; quarterly economic newsletters and E-ON magazine issues; in-world journalism and collaborative fiction; a player-elected representative council; EVE TV; and live broadcasts of PvP tournaments. The Icelandic innovators are clearly willing to take some risks by breaking out of the MMO industry's status quo, and co-opting fans from another sci-fi IP is just one bold move among many by CCP. With any luck, the Empyrean Age teaser trailer will be enough to tempt diehard Galactica fans to put that search for Earth on pause and finally check out this 'New-fracking-Eden.'

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