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Into the depths of EverQuest's most famous dungeons

We've been following along as the official EverQuest site offers up new articles about very old things. They're working through the game's lore, pointing out some of the most important places in all of Norrath. Today the folks at SOE have a pair of writeups on two of the most important dungeons in all of the original continent of Antonica.

The city of Guk is one of those, the swampy ancient home of the Froglok people. Driven from their ancient lower chambers by Trolls, undead, and things even fouler still, the upper reaches of Guk are still home to noble frog warriors. The lower depths, though, are some of the most dangerous areas in all of the older game. Whether you were bashing bones on the 'Dead Side' or ruining your Froglok faction on the 'Live Side', these confusing caverns were home to some great victories and defeats over the years.

The other dungeon covered this week is the gnoll-infested hole of Blackburrow. Given its low level and proximity to the goodly starting city of Qeynos, Blackburrow is a locale almost every EQ players will be familiar with.

It's famed throughout the game as one of the most interesting lore areas in all the game. It's also well known for the endless trains of monsters that typified low-level questing there. From the top of the great pit to the wet-dog smell of the Commanders' room, the place is steeped in EverQuest lore through and through.

Source : massively.com

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