2008. június 5., csütörtök

Age of Conan: Upcoming Changes

Demonologists * The duration of Protection of Set will be substantially increased. * The maximum damage absorbed before Protection of Set fails will be increased to be more in line with damage dealt in leveling scenarios. Additional survivability increases are also being evaluated. * Players will gain a visible debuff to indicate when Protection of Set has run out of absorbable damage. * The base splash damage dealt by Fires of Gehenna, Hellfire Stream, Shockstrike, and Shock will be substantially increased. * The amount of damage dealt by most damage sources will be reevaluated. * The cooldown of Inferno of Ahmner and Shockblast will be reduced to 2.5 seconds to match the casting time of Fires of Gehenna and Shockstrike. * The Archmage feat will be moved to tier 2 instead of tier 3 in the Mage general tree to make it more easily accessible to varying builds. * All crowd control will have a significantly reduced chance to break from damage dealt by pets. * Fiery Torment (Rank 1) will be introduced at level 30 instead of level 45. * The casting time of certain long-duration buffs will be reduced. * The run speed of pets will be increased significantly. * Various bugfixes and alterations to existing feats and abilities; for example, decreasing the casting time of Detonation.

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