2008. május 31., szombat

The Profitable Dimension of Virtual Business

There is a new industry that has emerged in the 21st century that allows gamers to profit from their passion of MMORPGs. All over the world regular gamers are purchasing online game currencies and filling the pockets of virtual entrepreneurs. The industry spans from New York to Shanghai, with hundreds of thousands of avid customers inbetween. Employing thousands of workers across Asia is necessary to satisfy the growing demand from Western gamers.
Beyond the MMORPG community, little attention is paid to the RMT industry and so it remains an unknown property to the majority of the world's population. Regardless of this, RMT remains most active in games such as World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI (FFXI), EVE Online and EverQuest 2. A prime example is in the World of Warcraft where participants progress through numerous dungeons, quests and scenarios in order to amass the game's currency. Many gamers decide to spend their hard-earned currency on themselves, but many decide to sell their precious Gil for real money - others even dedicate themselves (and others) professionally to this task, all in the search of profit.
MMORPG creators rarely agree with or tolerate the practice of in-game trading. Major developers and distributers often cite intellectual property violations as their reason for objection, claiming that participants are selling part of the game which actually belongs to the game's creator. Developers often try to persuade players within the game that the practice is detrimental to game-play or the world's economy. Legally, real-money trading breaks no laws and has led to no convictions within the Western world, but pressure for government intervention grows each day.
Even though some take issue with the ethics or principles of the practices, virtual trading is here to stay. There is certainly money to be made, whether it's by developers or entrepreneurs, and the market shows no sign of slowing. Unreleased titles such as Warhammer Online and Age of Conan will no doubt act as the future venues for this ever expanding industry.
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