2008. augusztus 8., péntek

GTA Goes Live !

Sales of GTA has been going up in Thailand and seems everyone loves it as much i love GTA but there is a difference between a game and a real life. My friend was telling me he wants another child after his computer been having problem too much since kids now days learn so fast. A teenager in Thailand confessed on robbing and killing a taxi driver. Seems he has been playing GTA just too much. I wouldn't be surprised if some teenager wore armors and went to school and tried to kill his fellow friends. I hope he can reload his life and do a fresh start when he gets out of jail. I also heard in news last night that some kid jumped over 10 story building hoping that superman would come and save him. unfortunately superman was busy playing GTA. For last time there is no real superman but don't be so sure about that regarding batman tho. Well, I am warning all of you guys not to believe too much on these fairly land stuff because they are only good to see on tv and play them but don't ever try to actually do it! or else you will end up as that Thailand Guy! :O But i wonder how it would feel to live such life.. like lets say world of warcraft, It sure would be fun to wear those cool armors and kill monsters and doing what you want without any consequences. That would be a care free wonderful life but unfortunately life is not like that or else i would be killing another goblin in runescape right now and would own 10 cars on GTA. Also guys don't forget to comment on this article telling me of the funny things you know about games taking over real life. I would love to hear the comments from you guys! and did you know you can subscribe to our RSS feed and be update with latest news. Till next time!

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